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Four Decades … Still Groovy

Disco, leisure suits, puka shells, and pet rocks were all the rage when Rozella Pratt found her groove in the 1970s and started something that has outlasted all the fads: Pratt’s Books.

Rozella splashed orange, yellow and green paint on the walls; installed makeshift shelves; hand-picked her favorite titles; and, started selling books at 502 Oak Street in Graham, Texas on the West side of the square. From those humble beginnings grew a pretty good bookstore. It is one of Texas’ favorite book stops thanks, of course, to the best customers in the world.

Pratt’s Books is one of Texas’ oldest brick-and-mortar bookstores, perhaps the oldest still operating in its original location. Like the 70s fads, the orange, yellow and green paint is gone but the bookstore still grooves.