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We Buy Books


If you have books to sell, Pratt’s Books would like to hear from you.
The following information will help us determine if your books conform to our buying priorities and next steps, if applicable.

Type of Books
For Example:  Are the majority paperback or hardcover?  Fiction or Non-Fiction? Etc.

For Example:  Can you see defects when you view, hold or look inside the book?  Do the books look new?  Are the dust jackets present?  Where have the books been stored?

For Example:  Are you selling a single box? 10 shelves? An entire library?

Publication Date(s)
For Example:  Were the books released within the last 10 years?  What is the earliest copyright?  Did one owner collect the books during a span of time?

Sampling of Titles and Authors
For Example:  Are the books written by a single author?  Focused in one subject?

Get in Touch …

Once you have this information in-hand, get in touch by phone (940.549.5341), by email, or stop by during open hours.