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On the Road Again

Here, There and Everywhere

We’ve had our fair share of questions through the years. One pops up more than most.  The most asked question at 502 Oak Street is …, “Where Do You Get Your Books?”  To which we can honestly answer, “Here, there and everywhere”.  More often than not, books beckon us to the road.

The pursuit always entails a backstory.  And, sometimes we wind up with a notable experience, roadside attraction or something else.  Posts in our blog will cover all of the above. So, consider this your personal invitation to come along as we recall some of the places we’ve been.  Count on curves, dips and detours – even the occasional dead end; but, the journey, for us, has always been worth the trip.

A master of anapestic tetrameter (yep, its spelled right) titled his final book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”  Dr. Seuss captures the spirit of this blog in that title. So, away we go, “Here, There and Everywhere.”

First Up, New York City —  March 2021