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Off the Shelf

A Good Book Stands Alone

Yet, a little TLC can elevate your shelves and even enhance the value of your collection.

The dust jacket – dj for short – is illustrative of the point.  Modern dj’s tend to be printed on coated stock, capable of withstanding wear and tear.  Older book wrappers (a.k.a. dj’s) were produced on lesser quality stock resulting in the inevitable chips, creases and tears.  These raw imperfections can add character to your shelves; over time however, character tends to devolve into pieces on the floor and diminishing value.

Good News — Archival quality, clear covers let you keep the character and avoid the mess!

The covers come in a number of formats.  The design is the same: slide-in, fold, score.  For ample quantity and size adjustability, we prefer the boxed rolls from Brodart.  Scissors and a flat surface are the only tools required.  The process is simple.  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll speed through the task.

Voila! Your dust jackets are instantly preserved and protected.  And, all of your personality and artistic flair are maximized while the visual distractions are hidden in plain view.

—–  Worth Considering  —–
 before-and-after photos and a good movie to complement the task